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Theses/Dissertations are inarguably among the most valued and complicated academic documents that students need to prepare during their education. In many cases, the terms thesis and dissertation are used interchangeably, but they have some factors uncommon among them. Usually, many institutions define a thesis as an academic document for students who are pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, whereas dissertations are specifically for doctoral students.

In general, both the thesis and dissertation support the candidature of students for the academic program they are pursuing. In addition, it is even mandatory for students in certain institutions to present a valid and well-planned thesis/dissertation to successfully achieve their degrees.

While the purpose of both the thesis and the dissertation is the same, certain characteristics make them different from each other. For instance, dissertations are lengthier and require more extensive research work as compared to theses. Moreover, their approach to research is also dissimilar. While the primary requirement of the thesis is to define a point and prove it; the dissertation focuses on the development of a hypothesis, data collection, data analysis & interpretation, study of existing theories, etc. to find the validity of the hypothesis.

For a student, writing a thesis or dissertation is very challenging because of the complexity of the work and the requirement of a considerable amount of time. A student may need several hours of a day to take notes and collect relevant information & facts to support the research work. Moreover, the problems of the students escalate in case the time restrictions are strict, thus making sleepless nights a part of their daily routine.

Writing a thesis/dissertation is an exigent task, which most students find difficult to accomplish on their own. Moreover, if the research work presented in the thesis or dissertation is not satisfactory, there are chances of documents getting rejected by the evaluators.

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