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Book report writing






Book report involves analyzing vast information in comparatively small space with a discussion regarding the writer’s themes, the plot of the story, and characterization from an objective stance. It basically involves giving the gist of literary work rather evaluating and recommending as in the book review.


Writing a book report, at middle and high schools, and colleges help the students to improve their communication and analytical skills. It aids in practicing expressing their opinions and thoughts about the various aspects of the book they read. It also increases their grasping power.

Elements of a Book Report

Effective book reports are of three forms:

• Plot summary
• Character analysis
• Theme analysis

Make sure to involve the following points to make the reader understand the concept of the book at school level:

– Main details of the book including title, author, publisher
– Setting or plot of the book
– The time when the story took place
– Character description
– Examples and quotes from the book to support the viewpoint.

However, the book report is a more complicated task at the college level where a proper summary and evaluation or critical analysis of the text is required. The college book report should include:

– Bibliographical information
– The intended audience of the book under consideration
– Background information leading to the creation of the book
– Subject and thesis statement of the book
– Summary of the content
– Critical analysis with supporting evidence from the book

While writing the summary, keep in mind to follow the order of the author and present with analysis of the structure. Moreover, include the key points that develop the author’s argument.

The Pre-writing Stage for a Book Report

It is very essential to outline the book report before writing one. The preparation steps include:
1. Jot down the basic information needed to get started such as author, genre, and title.
2. Thinks of the features of the books that sparked the interest in reading it.
3. Make notes while reading such as main characters, their actions, key events in the case of fiction or biography. For non-fiction, identify the main ideas of the book
4. Record the quotes from the book need to support the argument.
5. Organize the notes and make sure they are sufficient for writing about each category.

Now put your notes into action and write an effective book report by following the above information. Creatively figure out the connections between the elements and try to discover its hidden meaning.


Irrespective of the type of book report, make sure that the writing is clear, expressive and creative. Book report writing helps to summarize, make predictions, compare and contrast, build connections, and develop different perspectives skills needed throughout life.

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