The Tips and Joy of Writing a Children’s Book

Children's Book Writing


Writing for kids is a delicate, sensitive and responsible job. The authors need to strike a balance between their past and the realities of their young audience while writing for children. A perfect children’s book should be able to cultivate and encourage their imaginations while keeping in mind the intricacies of the kids’ universe.

Vast Variety of Children’s literature

It is quite amazing to know how vast children’s literature is. The success of the Harry Potter books doesn’t mean that the bookshelves of kids are full of similar material only. The children’s literature section makes one realize that there is no ‘right’ way to write for children. So, the authors have the opportunity to express themselves in unique possible ways.

Most of the stories for children carry moral messages like being kind to others, being honest, helpful or protecting the environment. The story should be true to the message without letting it dominate. There are countless genres for children’s books. It can be written about magic, superheroes, fantasies, fairy tales, animals, and whatnot.

Tips for Writing a Children’s Book

As pediatric medicine is no lesser form of medicine, similarly, writing children’s books is no lesser form of literature. In fact, it requires more expertise to write one. here are some of the tips for writing a children’s book:

Spend time with the audience

This is the best perk of being a children’s author. Children are the greatest resource themselves especially with the age group one wishes to write for. Find out what interests the kids, talk to them about the books they love to read, their favorites. Understand their fears, aspirations, why they laugh and at what they laugh, meet them at their level to be a successful writer of children’s books. Interact with them and if possible read to them and observe their reactions.

Use simple English

Remember the book is for kids, so make it age-appropriate. In contrast to adults, children have different levels of comprehension and such levels vary greatly. Different books would be written for a fourth grader and five-year-old. So, cater to a specific reading level and use simple English easy to understand. Choose the audience and be committed to them.

Make it humorous

Children love to laugh so spice the book with a lot of humor. Think like a child and let the imagination run wild. It has been proven that the silliest of the ideas are a big hit among the kids. So, think outside the box and be freakish while writing children’s books.

Eye-catchy colorful design

The cover of the book must be very colorfully attractive. Even the fonts must be larger and bold with a funny style of writing. Children find them enjoyable and more fascinating. The book needs to stand out among the hundreds on the shelves to make a great sale.

Discuss with booksellers and librarians

Go out and talk to various booksellers and librarians as these are the people that can tell which books see the most traffic, the public reading of which children books occurred recently and how well received they were. Ask them what type of books kids love to read and which titles are selling the best. Take the notes of the books that are in demand and why they are liked by the kids.


Writing for children is interesting and is quite challenging. When one gets to see how the book is loved by the kids, make them laugh, that feeling of joy is simply priceless. The children’s author receives the best and cutest fan mail. So, shake the inner child and start writing the children’s book for a wonderful experience.

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