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Acematiks Education is a 24-hours a day, 365-days a year Academic Help and Professional Editorial/Writing Service for all students from the elementary (primary) school level to the PhD level in all subjects as well as professionals, academics & educational institutions

We're currently hiring enthusiastic freelance writers, tutors, teaching assistants, certified teachers, instructors and lecturers with extensive experience in diverse subject areas ranging from Arts and Humanities, Natural & Health Sciences, Applied Sciences to Information Technology, Business & Finance and Social Sciences. Essentially, we're open to all subject areas of extensive characterization and study.

All writers, researchers, tutors, instructors, teaching assistants, certified teachers and lecturers have the unparalleled flexibility of working anywhere around the world (with access to a computer and reliable internet connection) at any time of the 24-hour cycle and either in a part-time or full-time capacity conducting the following primary responsibilities;

  • Responsibilities:
  • - Expertly addressing and answering specific questions either in written, image, audio and video format on time (Acematiks Answers)
  • - Drafting/writing, editing/proofreading and marking essays/dissertations/research papers/assignments for our valued clientele
  • - Capable of providing very high quality, original, custom tailored and 100% plagiarism free work (absolutely no exceptions made)
  • - Conducting empirical research and literature reviews, reading and reviewing course materials
  • - Completing revisions of essays/dissertations/research papers/assignments on requests
  • - Completing rush/express orders on schedule as they come in etc.
  • Qualifications:
  • - At the minimum, all writers, tutors, teaching assistants, certified teachers and lecturers should be well versed within their subject area(s). This should be readily provable from your academic credentials, (unofficial) transcripts and samples of work you related to your subject area(s) that you recently worked on
  • - Bachelor's Degree (Minimum), Masters & PhD (highly preferred and a definite asset). Exceptional writers, tutors and teaching assistants nearing completion of their Bachelor's Degree will be duly considered
  • - All applicants are expected to possess superior researching, reading and writing skills
  • - All applicants are expected and obligated to be capable of meeting ALL stated priority and deadlines and being overall, dependable and punctual with ALL submissions (absolutely no exceptions made)
  • Remuneration / Payment:
  • - Successful applicants will be paid per approved work submission in either USD, CAD, EUR, NZD or AUD on a periodic, rolling basis.
  • Requirements:
  • All interested and qualified applicants should submit their curriculum vitae/resume, cover letter and unofficial transcripts/certifications as attachments in Word/PDF to the "Join our Team" link within. In the header of your application response, please specify your highest academic qualifications; i.e. Undergraduate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD.

    Along with the above, please provide detailed answers to the following questions (within your cover letter);

  • - How long have you written/tutored/taught in your subject area(s) for? What percentile of the general population of experts within your field do you fall under in your estimation?
  • - What would you define as the primary factor that distinguishes you from all other prospective applicants within your subject area(s)?
  • - How many hours are you available to work on a daily basis? Weekly? Monthly?
  • - Are you available to complete rush/express orders within a short time notice on request?
  • - What else do you want us to know about yourself?

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NB: We thoroughly appreciate all applications from interested applicants. Nevertheless, we'll only contact and forward exceptional applications to the next interview phase.

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