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Acematiks is a 24/7 Academic Writing & Editing Service

Acematiks is a 24/7 academic writing and editing service for students and researchers, providing high-quality papers and fast, reliable service.

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Acematiks is a 24-hours a day, 365-days a year Academic Help, Professional, Creative & Business Editorial/Writing service for all academics, students, educational institutions, professionals, entrepreneurs, creative artisans & studios/firms worldwide. Our 24-hour business editorial/writing service is also specifically directed towards entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, medium and large-scale corporations/enterprises requiring a reliable service for all their business and legal writing/editorial needs.

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  • All papers are 100% human generated. No ChatGPT, Bard or any other LLMs are ever factored into our writing process. Our systems automatically scan all papers for AI generated content.
  • Free plagiarism reports and scans on all papers. Any written paper that exceeds a 20% plagiarism score is automatically assigned to our writing team for revision until your paper is at a >80% originality score
  • Email and SMS updates and notifications available for your orders
  • 24/7 availability. Rain or shine, day or night, Acematiks is here to serve you
  • Option to schedule multiple orders several days, weeks and months into the future
  • Comprehensive multi month subscription plans
  • Availability to complete and deliver short notice orders within hours!
  • Expert writers in over 85+ countries
  • Option to continue working with your favourite writers!
  • Option to obtain academic writing assistance in other core languages including French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic, Portuguese, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian etc
  • Proficiency and expertise in multiple subject areas
  • Our writers and researchers are predominantly seasoned subject matter experts within their respective fields.

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Acematiks is dedicated to delivering high-quality academic papers while ensuring fast and reliable service with our team of experienced writers and editors, Acematiks is committed to providing exceptional customer service to our clients.